5.10 Shoes – Kestrels

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

I recently got a pair of 5.10 Kestrels. These are from the same company that makes Climbing, Hiking and Mountain bike shoes.

So far they have been Awesome!!! You can see from the picture that they have the BOA retention system, so no tying your shoes and laces getting stuck in the chain. They’ve got a reinforced toe and Sticky Rubber soles.

The bottoms have a nice LONG cutout for cleats. It’s about two inches of adjustment, so you can put the cleat where most shoes would have you or further back more like if you were riding flat pedals. The shoes are plenty stiff to help get the power down no matter where you have the cleat.

The shoes are easy to walk in and comfy enough to wear for a while. I usually have to take off my clip shoes after Practice is done and I start running the races. With these I don’t seem to have that problem. Made it a lot easier to ride, run the races and ride some more afterwards.

The fit is true, my size 10.5 are the same as the other pair of 5.10 shoes I have. And they are the same size as the Vibram soled Merrells that I have. So if you’re a size 10.5 in other shoes, you’ll want a 10.5 in these.

Only problem I have is getting them on. At Interbike this year 5.10 had some Kestrels with laces to make the shoes easier to get into.

For more information check out their site http://fiveten.com/



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