Fun Time at the Track

Posted: October 9, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I went out to LoneStar BMX last night for the practice session but with a twist. For the first time in forever I didn’t go out and practice gates, manualing, sucking up jumps and what not. I JUST WENT OUT AND RODE.

A few months ago I picked that beast of a bike up from Brent as PC BMX was (unbeknownst to everyone including Brent) was about to go out of business. I had a spare wheel set that Brent took in trade for the bike. I haven’t riden it since I walked out the door of the store.

Last night that changed. Picking that Monster 50lb bike up to drop it in the truck bed I knew no matter what I did, it’d be a workout. And it was, but in a “I don’t care, I’m having fun” way.

I took it up to the gate, and right a way realized I’d not be winning any 30 foot speed records. But once it got going it didn’t want to stop or turn!!!

Manuels and Jumping were a bit harder to do also. But again in a fun way. I probably put in more laps last night than I’ve done in years.

What kind of bike is it? I think Brent said it was a company out of Texas called Volume. No complaints, it’s built to take abuse. I’ll be taking this around for fun more often!

My 5.10 (freeride) shoes, were like being clipped in. I wear them for everything, but they work great on the bike too.


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