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Posted: October 17, 2015 in BMX racing, Gear, Product review
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When I get the new SSQuared CEO I decided I wanted to tryout a new seat and since Answer had a nice looking seat, I decided that I wanted to go with that. The Answer seat is a Pivotal seat so it needs a Pivotal seat post and Answer also has one of those so it made sense to go with it also. The SSquared takes a 26.8 seat post which is another reason I went with the Answer post.

Now I’ve been running the same seat forever. The Selle Italia Nitrox. It’s a hard plastic seat, a classic BMX seat with normal rails to attach it to the seat post. I’ve still got two in the garage. nope, not selling them. With that seat I’ve been using a Thomson Elite post. They are strong, light, but not cheap! These have worked together without issue. I think the seat has been on every BMX bike I’ve had since I got back into the sport.


The Answer seat and seatpost are a pivotal design. Meaning there is a hole in the seat that a bolt goes into and the frame the seat has a ridged half’ish circle that attaches to the post. The post has a ridged cup that the seat matches to and that bolt through the seat goes into the top of the seat post. SIMPLE to install!!! Hardest part is getting the Allen wrench in the bolt to tighten it.

The Seat is nice and comfortable. I’m used to a thinner seat, but this wasn’t an issue at all. It’s white and has stayed clean.

The Post is a post. It fits the frame great. The post is the same exact size as my YESS sprint post. That makes it that much easier to make the change from the long post for sprints/warm-ups to the Answer post for racing. I have seen a few posts have small differences in sizes and the quick release seat post clamps need an Allen wrench to switch back and forth. The Answer post is even long enough to extend it out  to run around the neighborhood.

The Answer BMX Products have been Awesome. Check them out at

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