The Well is Fixed But…

Posted: October 17, 2015 in BMX racing, LoneStar BMX
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The Well at LoneStar BMX is fixed BUT we’ll be paying on it for a while to come.

It started out with the pump or pipe going bad and as that was being repaired turned into a collapse of the hole. It took the company that was working on the well a bit to figure out what would be their first attempt at a fix. First problem was a rock the size of a football, that was going to be knocked down and out of the way. As that was being done, the tool got jammed in the hole, this took two days to fix.

The company dropped a camera down in the hole and found during all that, the wall of the well decided it was done and collapsed. This should have been an easy fix for them. But when the well was originally drilled, the hole stair stepped down and was part of the reason for the problems. Also with the collapse made the well too shallow to pull up water.

So, now the fix was going to be a new well or they’d try and drill out the mess at the bottom. Luckily they were able to just drill past the mess. Good news is, now the track has a new pump, pipe, electric box and tank.

It’s been a big drain on the funds that the track uses for normal running of the track and the fun stuff that we do with the racers. If you’d like to help out the track, please see our gofundme at or stop by concessions. Anything and everything helps. Thanks!!!11261415_1486649881653588_4590594513636633934_n


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