Sandbagging, They’re Not Just For Holding Back Water Anymore

Posted: November 3, 2015 in BMX Family, BMX racing, Funny
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Saw this posted today and had to laugh. I’ve heard all sorts of reasons for not getting those last few wins in over the years. From the “BIG” race is coming to their just not ready and lots of others.


It used to be that kids wanted to compete and race the BEST. When I was a kid that was how it was. If you were close, you moved up. If you were the guy that always got 2nd, when 1st place guy moved up, you’d get that one 1st place the next week and move up.

Now a days seem parents and kids are more worried about being number 1 and that being number 1 novice is an achievement. And for some it is; those that are struggling to make a main in the Novice class but keep with it, DOING THEIR BEST no matter what. And the same can be sad for Intermediates.

It’s always made me laugh, I’ve had to hold it in a few times, when a parent of a kid that has been holding their racer back complains about a Sandbagger at a big race. Their kid has done one or more of the following leading up to the “BIG” race; not raced a main due to bike issues regularly, not raced in weeks, made the main but didn’t try and let others take the win, made the main but got “sick” and didn’t race, been to every clinic out there but never races and there are many others. After weeks or months of this, they roll out to the “BIG” race and their racer gets beat. Sometimes by the kid that their racer used to beat regularly. Other times it’s a kid that has been struggling in the Intermediate class for months and has finally started to put things together on the track. And sometimes, it’s the kid that sandbagged also.

There’s also the “legal” way to Sandbag; buy a cruiser and race that. This also rarely works. The kids don’t race their class, because unless there are a ton of kids at your track with cruisers, those kids are racing adults. The little racer will love racing cruiser. It’s new, it’s different and no one is yelling at him when he gets beat by a 28 year old dad. And like the name imply’s the kid cruises around the track, picks up their 3rd place trophy and learn it OK not to win on that bike, IT’S FUN!

Not winning after all that “work”, that’s a hard pill for those kids and their parents to swallow. They thought that they’d be the fastest. And at times that “BIG” race is their beginning of the end for them in BMX. What could have been a good run with some talent on the track is killed by not giving it their all and holding the racer back. Lots of times that return from the “BIG” race includes a new bike or wheel set that stretches the family budget. And since they don’t want the same thing to happen again, they put more pressure on the racer to “Train”. But winning races is brushed aside since they don’t want to move up.

What does it tell the kids? That it’s OK to not try? That cheating is OK? That they’re not good enough? Worse, that their parents don’t think their good enough?

How do you stop this, not sure. But I like the Memes. So I’ll post more.

sand bagging 2

sand bagging 3

sand bagging1

And lastly

sand bagging


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