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Posted: November 4, 2015 in BMX Pros, BMX racing, Product review
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Rebel Run is the brainchild of two friends with a passion for BMX and for individuals who always try to push and exceed the limits of what we can do as human beings. (Hey, it’s what it says on their site, so it must be true)


Brody has been to Rebel Run twice for camps. He’s loved it both times and been super excited about going back. The first camp he was part of was Halloween weekend a year ago. The second was this past summer for a week. The car ride home was full of conversation about what they did, right up till he zonked out.

Checkout this video from Rebel Run about what they’re about and how things got started.

Travis and Lee really know how to ride bikes, have fun. They both share that with the kids through their coaching and encouragement. They also bring in TOP Coaches that are great with the kids. Brody has had Multiple National Number One AA Pro Bubba Harris coaching at the camps he’s been to.

Rebel Run also does some weekly clinics and coaching. I haven’t been able to get my kids there, it’s about 3.5 hours to drive there for me. But the people that I know that go to these really like them.

The track is built to push the racers and to weather the elements. Outside there are also trails jumps and pump track. The skate park is indoors and has plenty to offer, including a foam pit. Also inside there is a gym and the sleeping quarters.

Rebel Run has me wishing I lived in the Houston Area.

To get more information about Rebel Run check out their site if you haven’t already clicked on their name.

Between Rebel Run, Gold’s Gym, Hilltop Ranch and the BMX Tracks, Houston has a lot of BMX Racing going on.


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