MJT Designs Part 1

Posted: November 5, 2015 in BMX Family, USABMX Grands
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If you’ve been around the National scene or hit some of the State Championships Races in OK, TX and AZ you probably seen the MJT Designs Family out shooting some of the best photos in BMX.


Jasen and his family have been a fixture of BMX racing for a few years now. He took one photo of me back in 2004 at the Kearney, Nebraska national pre-race. (wish I had that one to show.) And since then MJT Designs has continued to take some of the best race action shots in BMX.

How most people see Jasen at a race.

Malinda is the brains behind MJT Designs. You’ll see her working hard at the races getting Your photo exactly right. She works the lighting, exposure, boarders, logo and just perfects Your photo so you get the BEST possible photograph.



Tyler is Malinda and Jasen’s number one son. He’s grown up working with his parents at the races and over the last few years has taken photos. His work has progressed quickly and any day he’ll be surpassing his master…



Cobra is a long time family friend of the Kreneks. He has traveled around the country with MJT Designs setting up and tearing down their displays, helping with sales and generally doing what needs to be done behind the scenes.



Cousin B is the new guy to join the MJT Designs traveling circus. He’s finding his place and filling in where he can.You’ll probably talk to him if you’re looking through a photo book or picking up Your completed photo.

Crew Jones (Billy Allen) and Jasen


Billy Allen has stopped by a few races and signed autographs. If you don’t know who he is Google him.

MJT Designs can be contacted by going to http://mjtdesigns.com/contact OR stop by the MJT Designs booth at this year’s GRANDS

To Be Continued…



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