MJT Designs Part 2

Posted: November 6, 2015 in BMX racing, Not Bikes, Product review
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MJT Designs is not only the family bringing you the best photos to preserve your racing memories, they do much more. Many BMX Tracks around the country go to MJT Designs for their innovative and cutting edge awards.


MJT Designs has a full shop dedicated to producing the best awards for BMXers by BMXers. They’ve been making trophies and plaques for years. The quality and materials used are top notch.

Tyler and Cody working to get an order delivered.

MJT Designs will work with you or your Track Operator to get stand out awards for your next event.

Medals for an event.awards1  “Normal” trophies for single points racesawards3 Free standing awards for an eventawards4 Custom awardsawards5 PlaquesAwards6They also have a softer side, Malinda has started making a splash with her whimsical flair. Check out Pinkydesigns.com


MJT Designs can be contacted by going to http://mjtdesigns.com/contact OR stop by the MJT Designs booth at this year’s GRANDS



To Be Continued…


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