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Posted: November 10, 2015 in Bikes, BMX racing, Product review, reviews
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I’ve been running a set of Profile Elite Cranks for the past year. And figured it was time to post about them. profile elite cranks1

I began running the Profile Elites at last year’s USABMX Grand National. With a solid year on them there are no complaints. These have truly been like a ROBCO oven, set it and forget it. And yes they are stiff! Noticeably so.

The Profile Elites are over-sized chromoly arms with a 22mm hollow spindle and Spline Drive spider. They use an outboard bearing bottom bracket, that uses the Normal Shimano tool to install.

Unlike the “normal” Profile cranks they install without the Profile install tool and the addition of a hammer to remove. Making the Elites way easier to install and remove. They do this through utilizing a wedge bolt that spreads the spindle just a tad, then like other Profiles a bolt holds the arm on.

profile elite cranks2

Like I said the installation is easy.

Profile Racing Elite Crank Installation. from Profile Racing on Vimeo.

When I installed them on my bike, they went on quick and easy with no problems. And over the year that they’ve been on my bike they have been completely trouble free. They have stayed tight and spun freely.

Checkout the Profile Elites at

Since you really couldn’s see the Profile Elites on my bike in my pictures, I used some off the Profile Racing webpage.


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