Texas gets hit again with a huge rain storm and tornadoes.

Notice that band goes from San Antonio, TX in the South and goes North to Minnesota. Yep, and right through Tulsa, OK where just about every BMX is or wishes they were for the USABMX GRANDS. They were getting the dirt in yesterday, let’s hope it’s dry.

The weather this year has made a lot of BMX tracks close due the rain.


Not from today’s rain

I’ve been told over and over through the years that our track should be open even when it rains. I’ve tried that a few times, it never works. For the handful of people that even show up, they quickly see it’s not too much fun, including the ones that complain we don’t run in the rain, if they even bothered to come out.

It’s funny, when I lived in Omaha people would complain that the people in Texas and other fair winter weather states got to race right up to the Grands. But I’ll tell you, it’s not all the time that it happens.

Hopefully this morning’s rain isn’t much and things dry out for this evening’s practice. Weather looks good for the rest of the week. Should be a great weekend for LoneStarBMX’s two Double Points races. Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

And we have this new jump to try out…

new jump1

Built last week, only been ridden by one rider, once.

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