Tires; Making the World Go Round

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Seems that 2016 is going to be the year of the tire in BMX.  Tires seem to be popping up like dandelions in a yard during Spring time.

The new brand Driven has made a splash and will be a title sponsor for the USABMX National Series. They have a few tires and sizes to pick from. Depending on where you are in the country you may see them more than in other parts, but I am sure that will change as the new year starts. They are going to be available in multiple colors. Check out this podcast.


Answer BMX has recently answered the call for a top quality BMX tire with the Carve. Of course Answer has been around BMX for a long time now and they pop out some great forks and cranks, so I am sure these tires will be great too.

answer tire

Arisun has been making the XLR8 for a little bit so I’ll include them. They have a nice light weight and wear very well. I’ve been running a set for about a year. No complaints. Pricing is fair and not out of the range of any other Kevlar bead tire on the market. arisun tire.jpg

Tioga, if you don’t know this name, is this your first pneumatic tired bike? They came out with the Power Block and front specific Power Band. The Power Blocks have been out for a little bit now, I did a review of them back then. They’ve been making BMX tires since before there was a Star Wars trilogy and they’re still on the cutting edge even as a 7th Star Wars is about to release.

tioga tire

Maxis came out with their Tourch tire. Seems like the progression of their DTH. Maxis also makes Truck and Car tires. I liked the DTH, other people I know didn’t, but that’s how the tire rolls I guess. Maxis tire


Lots of tires out there and as BMX moves and slides or “progresses” tire companies will continue to make tires for BMX. Will Odyssey already have the tire for the smoother tracks? Or will the CompIII return?

odessey tire

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