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Rebel Run Sports Camp


With Grands starting next week we at Rebel Run want to give a little advice on how to prepare for the race. First off I will start by saying the way you win Grands starts the day after the previous Grands. It’s not what you’ve done in the past week or month. It’s what you did the day after last years race all the way up to the day before this years. But no matter what you have or haven’t done there are still things you can do to prepare yourself. The best advise I can give is DO NOT CHANGE ANYTHING!!! And I am not talking about wearing the same socks and underwear for a month. I mean whatever you have been doing for the past year, keep doing that. So many people have a crappy diet and training routine. They eat tons of sweets and junk food and load up on sodas all year. Then all of a sudden they get to a race, start carrying around their water jug, are only eating fruit and veggies, and are doing all these exercises they’ve never done. The idea is to get your body to work at an optimal level. The key word in this is YOUR body. If YOUR body is use to you feeding it junk all year while riding and doing minimal training then to let your body perform at its optimal level you must continue that. When you try and start feeding it water and fruits the day of the race you’re throwing it a curve ball and it doesn’t know how to react. Thats when you get people that say, “I ride crappy when I try to eat healthy or train properly”, well no crap thats because you’re trying to get your body to change years worth of habits in one day, of course you’re not going to get the results you want. Now we always recommend staying on a healthy diet and training program bc at the end of the day a healthy clean body will out perform an unhealthy one 100% of the time. But if you eat whatever you want and don’t train properly, your best bet at doing good at a race is to eat and do the same things you’ve ben doing even at the race. But if you want to win and you want to your body to be in prime condition and not have any excuses then you need start a program and stick to the program, even when nobody is watching.

Travis Postany

Rebel Run Sports Camp



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