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Posted: December 6, 2015 in BMX racing, Product review
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My first impressions of the brand new Answer Carve tires.


I got these tires at the Grands Sunday night as things were being torn down. Brody got one on Friday during the Race of Champions as a replacement for his rear Vee tire. Worked great for him.

Today I finally took the time to install them on my bike. Easy as installing the Power Block and Power Band that I put on a few weeks ago.


I only took the time because tonight the track is open and I want to ride. And after hitting another bike in the Vet Pro Semi Saturday night, I had a tire and tube with holes in them.

The track was recently dragged and after a little prep watering in pretty good shape. No paved turns or concrete starting hill, a real BMX track.

These Answer Carve tires hooked up great out the gate and really good in the turns. I had them pumped up to 95psi and they roll fast on the track.

After getting home I needed to get the tires cleaned. A simple ride up and down the street is all that’s needed. They cleaned up fast and stuck to the pavement enough to really lean the bike over while turning.

I think you’ll be seeing these tires around a lot this year on podiums at Nationals.

Update/part 2 


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