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I’ve been running the Answer Holeshot Hubs for a few years now. I have been meaning to get around to a review of them, but I’ve been waiting for something to go wrong with them, anything. And after about 3 years on them, I can’t come up with anything. These hubs have truly been a set it and forget it product.

The hubs have tons of engagement points. I can’t say how many, I’ve never taken the time to count and I’ve also never taken them apart, but says;  Each driver pawl has 3 individual teeth that engage every 3 degrees for near instant engagement and off the line acceleration. An I’d say sounds good to me as I’ve never had any issues in the gate getting my feet set.


The cassette uses the Shimano standard cogs and have plenty of room for adjusting for chain alignment. I’ve been using the Rennen cogs with no issues what so ever. The Hubs did come with an Answer cog, but since I use a G-Cog sometimes when training it seemed better to just keep the cogs the same.


The Holeshot hubs spin fast, smooth and for a long time. And I have NEVER done anything to them.  They are almost exactly as they were when I got them. I say almost because they came as part of the Pinnacle wheel set. As everyone that races will have happen, mine wheels came out of true and the rims needed replacing. They stood up to some big jumps and some big crashes, at 225lbs  I can’t fault the Pinnacle rims. J&R Bikes has the wheel set weighing in at Front: 1.55lbs / 24.9oz / 0.7kg, Rear: 1.95lbs / 31.2oz / 0.88kg and the set: 3.5lbs / 56.1oz / 1.58kg

answer rims

J&R Bikes currently has the hub set listed at $359.95 And Danscomp currently lists the Answer Pinnacle Pro Wheel set at $499.95. Either way you go great price for such great wheels or hubs.

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