Central Texas BMX Rebuild

Posted: February 1, 2016 in BMX racing, CTXBMX, reviews, Uncategorized
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This past week Central Texas BMX, with the help of Hubert Jackson, has been rebuilding their first and second straights, alone with some reshaping of some other stuff around the track.


They first straight they changed to be a little more pedaling . The first jump is now a step-table and the second jump going into the turn a BIG triple.  The second straight is now a double to two rollers to step-up. The first straight was fun with lots of speed and pedaling. The second was still a work in progress with the dirt soft in some spots, as that drys out it will only get better. ctx

I didn’t take any photos while I was riding, photos are from their Facebook page. These changes are GREAT! I really enjoyed riding the track.

Video taken while working on the changes.

There is a rumor that they want to add a roller between the first and second jump. We’ll see if they do.

I heard there was a clinic this coming weekend(Feb. 6th) out there, check with them for more information.


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