Calling All Athletes: Athlete Sponsorship Lesson 101:

Posted: February 11, 2016 in BMX racing, Not Bikes

I saw this posted on Facebook this morning and thought it was worth sharing with the world…


When you compete, perform, race, represent a brand we greatly appreciate you. What we don’t appreciate is bad marketing. We pay you for marketing, period. No more, no less. So when you post “I want to thank all my sponsors” “or coaches” or whoever, and not mention the physical name of those “sponsors”, your post is useless to the brand and potentially detrimental to your future with all your brands. News flash, you only exist in your small circle. The goal is breaking out of that circle. The vast majority of the public has no clue who you represent and your friends in and out of the sport probably don’t either.

Unless you’re on TV, assume no one knows you or your brands exist. Sorry, its reality and Its time to see the big picture. We get it, you are trying, but the reality is your are good at one thing, being an athlete. We love that you’re a genetic freak, but don’t be one dimensional, be great at business too. Its our job to teach you how to post correctly to market the brands and people that take care of you. If you want to keep your sponsors happy, mention their actual name, which isn’t “Sponsor”, mention who they physically are, maybe throw out a website or a link to a cool article about them. Be different, be unique, and you will have sponsors in your hand.

Photography, your first and foremost avenue which you are comfortable with! Great! Time to brush up your skills. Find a photo app and start being a pro. No one likes boring pictures! If you are going to thank a brand, it would be a great idea to have that brand in the picture. Even better, you personally don’t need to even be in the picture. Your friend list already has seen your selfie a hundred times. What they haven’t seen is the actually product that you represent. Whether its the shoes you are wearing, the nutrition you are taking, the wheel set you are riding, POST a picture of the product or company. My kids are very competitive and the common theme around our house when someone is bragging, where is the video or picture? No video, no picture, it didn’t happen! They are so right about this! Athletes, NO PICTURE, NO VIDEO, your event never happened to a brand. Period!

Video is so key and your brands will love you. With technology today, there is no reason a sponsored athlete shouldn’t be posting videos about their sponsors. The more you show your brands that you are thinking about them and marketing them “correctly”, the more you will get out of your agreements times 10!

Answer this simple question: If you are the greatest product on the planet and no one knows that product exists, how valuable is the product?


Get out there and start representing your brands correctly. Not only will the Brand grow, but you will start to ignite your own existence!

Kevin Barr – CEO of many “Sponsors”.

Figured since I was posting Kevin’s post, I’d use pictures of his also.


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