BMX NEWS, Where’s My Photo?

Posted: March 2, 2016 in BMX racing, Gear, USABMX Nationals
Tags: , , recently had an article about not getting a picture up online that they’d taken and why not. I’ve been asked this a few times.


Click here to read’s article.  Seriously, click on the link!!!

I thought it’d be a good idea to post this here for those that might not follow BMX News. Why? Because I’ve had numerous parents complain that MJT Designs didn’t get a photo of their kid wearing the right outfit. As if Jasen or Tyler had some magic control over what their kids wore or rode when out on the track.

I’ve heard everything from he had his “practice” jersey on, to she doesn’t like to ride in her leathers but we need a shot of her in her sponsor’s pants. And the not as popular, He’s on his friend’s bike goofing around and he rides for “X” team, I want one of him on his bike doing this.

I don’t help out with selling photos too much at the MJT Designs tent, so if I’ve been told this, there’s a real good chance that it happens a lot. Or I am just really lucky.

The Photographers (PULL, BMX News, MJT Designs…)that are out on the track are only able to take a picture of you as you are when you go by them. This would be like me complaining that I don’t have any pictures of myself jumping. I can count on one hand how many times I’ve seen MJT Designs on the track taking pictures and jumped the jump next to them and I ride for them!!! And I Do have some sweet pictures, thanks Jasen.

2016 cajuns

I am going to point out that I am beating Gold’s Gym’s Fernie-J!!! Notice how clean I am also, so you know it was Friday practice. 

Your walk away from all this should be;

  1. Wear what you want to be pictured in
  2. Ride what you want to be pictured on
  3. Have a number plate on, you’re a Racer
  4. If you want a picture of you jumping, JUMP
  5. Your Parents might care more about this now then you, but someday you might look back and say; Man I wish I had more photos of me racing.

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