2016 MetroPlex BMX Texas State Qualifier

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Yesterday was MetroPlex BMX’s Texas State Qualifier. fb_img_1457917685894.jpg

I didn’t make it to the race this weekend. Thank you to everyone that posted pictures: Jackie Judd, Kristy Ondrias, MetroPlex BMX, Amber Sterriker and JW Irwin.

I was told there was around 100 motos.metroplex20166

The Vet-Pros were able to get a 30 and over Pro-Am going. 17 racers is not a bad start.fb_img_1457917969565.jpg

Adam Scott has been challenging people to do 22 push-ups a day; To honor those who serve and to raise awareness for veteran suicide prevention.img9551091.jpg
Peeps in staging.metroplex2016

More peeps in staging.metroplex20162

Old School, The Man, The Myth, The Legend…metroplex20163

This guy is pretty quick on the track and from the looks of things earns his entry fees off the track. metroplex201610

A few Racers in the stands. 20160313_151042.jpg

Notice the dad is really excited that his kid packed snacks. metroplex20165

A little pre-racing Sunday worship.fb_img_1457919711413.jpg

The Push Bike racers.metroplex20167

Larry and his Hot Wheels Bike Shop. Check out his store when he’s at a track near you.metroplex20168

Pickle Juice, a great product and supporter of a BMX team, available at HEB’s around San Antonio.metroplex20169Seems there were lots of little kids being carried around.fb_img_1457891808348.jpg

Here’s another.metroplex20164
And another.fb_img_1457891893127.jpg

This one again, so tired from a day of not using his legs…

Some AWESOME MJT Designes awards were won, these by Danny and Shannon.fb_img_1457919899862.jpg

A gate full of old guys.


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