Lone Star National Pre National Picures

Posted: March 29, 2016 in BMX Family, BMX Pros, BMX racing, CTXBMX, USABMX Nationals
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This weekend, the USABMX Lone Star National will be taking place at Central Texas BMX. lonestarnat

Lots of work has been going on at the Track with Track Operator Jason Crouch and his crew of local volunteers. They’ve been spending late nights laying down a few layers of slurry.


Prettying up the infields for new grass.lonestarnat3

They’ve been making little changes and fixes to the track since their Earned Double last week.


Their first turn is HUGE!!! Check out this shot taken during their recent Super Camp. Lots of room for passing and carving.lonestarnat4

Looking down the 2nd straight from the first turn.

Third straight is the Rhythm section or Pro Set depending on the line you pick coming out of the 2nd turn.lonestarnat5


Last straight is long and comes out of a Dog Leg left hand turn.lonestarnat6

Click here to see the Schedule for Practice.

If I can find more pictures, I’ll add more as I get them.


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