2016 Lone Star National

Posted: April 4, 2016 in BMX racing, CTXBMX, USABMX Nationals
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This past weekend was the USABMX 2016 Lone Star National at Central Texas BMX!

lonestar nationa4

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Friday started off with a crazy wind, rain and hail. Getting to the track there were numerous pit areas that had taken major damage overnight.

lonestar nationa2

There were many carcauses of fallen canopies and Ez-ups scattered around the track.image

After the rain stopped people jumped to and swept the water off the track. image

The hard work that Central Texas BMX crew had put in during the weeks leading up had done a great job of keeping the track ridable after the storm. This is just secounds after the rain stopped. 


Saturday there was a live  band playing during practice.image

Doug was out and riding around. He also rode the parade lap while another Austin local sang the National Anthem, I didn’t catch her name, but she was or is an American Idol finalist. image

Rebel Run was in the house and getting pumped on Monday’s Pump Race Invitational. Travis was looking pretty fast on his new bike all weekend too.image

Lots of people camped out in RV’s over the weekend. From some of the pictures I saw posted on Facebook, lots of fun shenanigans were had after dark. image

Travis County Parks brought out bleachers for the race. There were quite a few of these around. Hopefully they’ll leave a few permanently out there.  image

Little racers coming through the 3rd straight.image

Jen and the USABMX crew at the Finish Line.image

Lots of Teams were at the track.image

Cool, breezy and cloudy Friday after the rain passed.image

People in the stands and watching the races.image

As kids will do, find a few piles of dirt and play in it BMXer style. A few hundred feet away from the track is a multi-million dollar skate park. image

The weekend was a HUGE success once things got going. Hopefully USABMX will continue to have Nationals here. Be even nicer if they’d have two Nationals in Texas in 2017. lonestar nationa3


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