Gorilla Bike Oil

Posted: May 11, 2016 in BMX racing, Gear, Product review

A little review of Gorilla Bike Oil.


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I’ve not been one to order stuff from Facebook posts, but I saw this “free” offer for Gorilla Bike Oil Ultra Premium. How could I skip ordering something with Gorilla in it’s name? I clicked the link and picked the size and clicked no thanks to their chain cleaning tool options and paid shipping and handling. A few days later the bottle of Gorilla Bike Oil arrived.


I’m am not big on chain maintenance. I rarely oil a chain more than a handful of times. I’d rather get a new chain every few months than have one break coming out of the gate.

My chain routine from opening the box to the trash? Put chain on bike using the supplied master link. Ride till the factory lube is gone. Wiping any dirt collected on it off or washing with a brush and soapy water if whole bike is cleaned. When I add oil; I oil every other roller, spin cranks a few times, wipe off with rag. About the 5th or 6th time, it’s time to go. I go through about 4 chains a year. I don’t remember when I last bought oil, the kids and I have been using Tri-flow for a while. The Gorilla Bike Oil might be a family heirloom.


I wiped the old oil off with a paper towel after cleaning. Then applied the oil on every other roller. Spun the cranks, spreading the oil. Wiping off the extra, it went on just like every other oil.

Taking the bike up and down the street pedal strokes felt smoother. Can’t say it was the oil or just being cleaned.

Taking the bike around the track, nothing to say, it’s oil. After riding the chain didn’t have much if any dirt or sand on it. About two hours of gates and laps on a track where the pavement ends at the drive way and glue is only used on tube patches.

The next trip to the track, it rained on the drive up and while we where there. No, I didn’t take it out on the track. I stayed dry while my son raced. But the Gorilla Bike Oil seemed to stay on while getting wet on the drive up and back.


Trip three, back to LoneStarBMX and while the chain still ran smooth and dirt free, it’s looking dry. Which is good if that’s what is keeping the dirt off.

The bottle says to apply every 2-5 rides. But I’d guess that’s geared towards cyclists. We’ll see how it goes as I have it longer.

So far the Gorilla Bike Oil has been good, the price was great and if going Green matters to you, the bottle says it will biodegrade in 28 days of contact with soil.


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