Lone Star BMX Rebuild Postponed

Posted: June 1, 2016 in BMX racing, CTXBMX, LoneStar BMX
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The track rebuild has been postponed until we find more favorable weather. This will give us more time to raised the needed money and to secure a better price on equipment. – Lone Star BMX


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Looks like this rainy season is going on forever this year. From drought to flooding in a few weeks.

Once things start to dry out, Lone Star BMX will be back in business.

Plans for the Rebuild.

Go Fund Me link for Track Rebuild.

Even Central Texas BMX is waiting for the rain to end so they can get their Glue down. Paved turns and Concrete starting hill haven’t kept them going with this rain.

So stay dry BMXers!!! We can get through this. Other states don’t get to race for 6 months out of the year or more due to snow.





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