LoneStarBMX Rebuild Day 5

Posted: June 20, 2016 in BMX racing, LoneStar BMX
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Day five started rough…


#feeltheberm #dirttrendz #dirtisfriendsnotfood

After the rain on Sunday and work coming to a halt, people were not in a good mood.


Sunday evening Tad and Justin regrouped and began building. They again spent a late night working.


Monday, lack of sleep and the despair of how things were looking some tempers flared. But more people came out and worked the new dirt turns and jumps.


I thought I took more pictures tonight of all that was accomplished, but I don’t have more.

More raking and smoothing to do tomorrow. Hopefully we’ll be riding soon!
The Track Build Go-Found-Me Every little bit helps and is needed to get back up after this past rainy season.


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