Cowtown BMX 2016 State Qualifier 

Posted: June 29, 2016 in 2016 TX State Series, BMX racing
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Cowtown BMX 2016 State Qualifier.

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This past weekend Cowtown had their stop on the Texas BMX State Qualifier tour. The temperature was hot and so was the racing.

Lots of action in the turns was hard fought.

Lots of passes were made going around turn one.

Last turn saw some tight moves being made.

Lots of teams had pit areas set up.

Hostile/Driven had their compound.

Pickle Juice was there also.

Even had turn banners out.

Cowtown BMX has some nice shade for the spectators.

These helped to keep people from getting sun stroke.

Kids and those not racing had the inflatables to play on.

Back from his broken collarbone, Chris was looking fast.

I saw a few teams take team photos. From all the teams taking them, it must have been the thing to do.

Familiar looking awards were handed out. These puppies were quite large. 

Good times, great racing and fun was had! It was a great weekend!


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