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Posted: June 29, 2016 in Funny, Product review
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If you into Geeky things check out Get Your Geek On radio show on channel 930AM Saturdays at 11pm!

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I’ve known the show host, David, for a few years through work and now he’s on the air.

The Geek behind the show – A long time ago, in a living room far away, I had a “geeky” podcast, and it was beautiful. I had guests like James Arnold Taylor, Jake Lloyd, I got to meet Peter Mayhew, it was really sweet.

Now I want to take this to the next level. AM 930 KLUP wants me to host the FIRST EVER “geeky” radio show in San Antonio…

I will be broadcasting a live radio show in the 7th largest city in the USA with a podcast for my followers who can’t listen live.

Want to follow or check it out at on

Get Your Geek On, is a pretty good show to listen to. David has fun talking about something that he loves and knows much about. You may even know him from his Star Wars fan fiction books. Good to listen to while driving, working or just hanging out. I enjoyed listening to it and will be listening as he produces his show weekly.

One great part of the show is Throw Someone in the SarlaacPit. If you want to join in on the show and throw someone in, here’s how;

Who are YOU throwing into the Sarlaac Pit? Please remember….!

1. I won’t read suggestions about celebs or politicians! They all pretty much deserve it anyway.

2. Want your suggestion to have “preferred” status? Check out to see how!

3. I might read yours during the show so check us out on Saturday night on AM 930 KLUP radio!I enjoyed listening to it and will be listening as he produces his show weekly.

Just for fun:

geek on1

So check out Get Your Geek On Saturday nights on 930 AM at 11pm, or check out the podcast. And if you want to advertise something on his show, check out A few bucks will get your product some advertising.


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