Answer Carve Tires part 3

Posted: October 27, 2016 in BMX racing, Gear, Product review
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I’ve been running the #Answer Carve Tires since the 2015 #USABMX Grands. Now after almost a year on a set, I’ve got more to say.


These tires have been on my bike since I got them after getting a flat at the Grands. They’ve been ridden and raced on all different types of tracks and used for sprints on the street. After a year, here’s what the rear tire looks like.


As I prepare for the Grands I’ve gotten a new set of 20×1.60 front and 20×1.85 rear. This is what the tires look like fresh and in the packaging for comparison.img_20161017_2011049981Notice that the tires still have most of their tread and even the Answer Logo is showing.IMG_20161017_201027095[1].jpg

The Answer Carves are great on all types of surfaces! They hook-up awesome out of the gate. The Carve through turns and hold a line as good as any comparable tire or better. It doesn’t matter if the turn is dirt or paved. They roll fast on the straight aways. They also last through sprint sessions on paved parking lots. Dan’s Comp has them listed as $38.95, not a bad price for a great tire.


Here are the links to what I said about them before.

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