Answer Drive Chain

Posted: March 25, 2017 in BMX racing, Gear, Product review, reviews
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Answer BMX has come out with a new chain, they’re calling it the Drive chain.

I first read that Answer was coming out with a new chain right after changing out an old one. So at the time I figured I’d wait till it was replacement time and that time has come. 

A quick visit to the Answer BMX Website and after checking out their new site, I found the Drive chain and ordered one. A few minutes later I got an email providing the tracking number for the chain and two days later it arrived.

Opening​ package it didn’t feel oily or sticky like most new chains do. Second, was there was not a master link. But it did have a pin half out of a link ready to be pushed in for assembly.

The Drive chain went on easy and the pin pressed in smoothly with my Pedro’s chain tool. 

The chain fit my RENNEN chainring and cog like it was made for them. Was it, I don’t know. 

Tonight will be my first ride with the Answer chain, I expect a little tightening will be needed after some gates. I’ve never been on a chain that didn’t need that. 


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