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Posted: May 5, 2017 in BMX racing, Product review, Texas BMX
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There’s a new BMX training device on the market, the Primal BMX Power Post and it’s changing training.

Tim TNT Kniep knows a thing or two about how to train and win a race and he’s put that knowledge into his new company, Primal BMX. An idea that he batted around for a few years, started during a conversation while driving to Albuquerque. where Tim won the USACYCLING Championship that year.

    He’s come up with a quick way to take you spint training to new levels, the Power Post. No need to remove your rear wheel, change gears or drive to a hill. The Power Post just slides in as quick as your cool down post, and if you’re‚Äčtraining you have one so you know what I mean. And to fit as many bikes as possible, they come in 27.2, 26.8 at 15 lbs and 22.2 at 7 lbs.

    At 15 lbs. the Primal BMX Power Post almost doubles the weight of your bike. With that much weight you’re probably wondering how it affects your riding. By using a seatpost the bike’s new weight is basically centered. You’ll notice it when you sprint down the road, or pick your bike up, but not so much in how it handles.

    This post will take your sprint session to a new level. You’ll feel the added weight from the start and through to the finish. 

    Primal BMX is putting some big hitters on the Power Post. Jason Morris, Olijuwon Davis, Tanner Sebesta and Jordy Scott.

    Check out the Primal BMX Power Post at a National near you or at 


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