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Answer Drive Chain

Posted: March 25, 2017 in BMX racing, Gear, Product review, reviews
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Answer BMX has come out with a new chain, they’re calling it the Drive chain.



There’s a new BMX Facebook Page called Factory Dad Inc  that is taking the world of BMX Racing by storm.

The page seems to be a good place for parents of racers to relax, share ideas and concepts. I’m not sure that I’d follow all the advice that’s posted, but you may learn something.

factory dad

Sample image from Factory Dad page.

So go check it out;

Tongue in cheek fun to be sure…

This past week Central Texas BMX, with the help of Hubert Jackson, has been rebuilding their first and second straights, alone with some reshaping of some other stuff around the track.




I’ve been running the Answer Holeshot Hubs for a few years now. I have been meaning to get around to a review of them, but I’ve been waiting for something to go wrong with them, anything. And after about 3 years on them, I can’t come up with anything. These hubs have truly been a set it and forget it product.


I’ve been running a set of Profile Elite Cranks for the past year. And figured it was time to post about them. profile elite cranks1


Josh White up at Action Bikes got a new set of Profiles.  They’re supposed to be the Bee’s Knees and ther’s a lot of buzz going on about them.  Now looking at the internals they look a lot like another set of hubs.  Josh said he’d let me try them out and I’ll give my impression of them once I have had a chance to see them in person and ride them.  But for now here’s a look at the internals that I was talking about.
I9 inturnals

I9 or Profile

Profile inturnals
Profile or I9

Someone on Vintage asked what the biggest tire that could be run on a 2009 or 2010 Standard 125r. So here are two pictures.

Pictures taken on my Droid in a pitch dark garage.  Stupid light bulbs burning out.