Just your Standard 20OS

Posted: January 8, 2017 in Uncategorized

Change is in the air and is a new tire size one of them? For Vet Pro Chris Williams it’s looking that way. 

Chris is around 5 inches shorter than Damien Lacombe, but rides a long frame. He started looking into the 20OS wheels last year. His sponsor, STANDARD Bicycles built him up this new ride.

The frame is built off Chris’ current 20 frame and fork. They just changed it a little to accommodate the bigger wheels and adjusted the geometry a just touch. 

In order to get it as close as possible to his 20, Standard also made some new bars. Again just making little adjustments to get it all dialed in.

I took a few cranks on this beast and it felt really good. Didn’t notice the wheel size difference. I did notice the extra two inches in top tube length and 182 Profile Elite cranks. 

I don’t know own if this 20OS will be the way of the future, but if it is, STANDARD Bicycles and Chris Williams will be on the pointy end of the trend.

Answer MPH Pedals

Posted: January 2, 2017 in Gear, Product review

Flat pedals have been all the rage in 2016. A few Vet Pro races were held with most agreeing to run them. Lots of people using them for practice and training. 

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I’ve been running the #Answer Carve Tires since the 2015 #USABMX Grands. Now after almost a year on a set, I’ve got more to say.


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Lots going on this weekend at #LONESTAREBMX

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‚ÄčThe team of Hostile Missouri sold playing card raffle tickets today at the Missouri State Finals, and raised $985 by giving away a Redline Pro Cruiser. The team then donated the money, in its entirety, to Backstoppers.

 Backstoppers is an organization that provides support to first responders who are injured or killed in the line of duty.  Thank you to all who sold tickets, bought tickets, and to the team for donating the money.

Taken from St. Peters BMX Gateway’s Facebook page.

Oct 2016!halloween-flyer

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Katy BMX Reopening

Posted: October 2, 2016 in BMX racing
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Today was the reopening of Katy BMX.

From the Katy BMX Facebook page:

“Wow! Stats on the day. 

250+ hamburgers/hot dogs consumed, 200+ riders of which 18 were new riders who took 300+ gate drops. Track held up well and rode fast (we’ll have the fourth turn fixed in short order). 
Thanks to all who participated. 
Come back and see us next Sunday,  Oct. 9th for our first race. Sign ups from 1 to 2p. Racing thereafter.”
The track was fun and flowed great. Saw lots of racers from around Texas out checking the track out.

Lots of people came out to ride.

Saw some kid doing laps, even after he was told there was a 4 foot gar in the water.

Track was in Great shape. They’ve spent a lot of time and energy getting this place up and going. Lots of Asphalt and soil glue was thrown down too.

There were a ton of little ones both at the track and on the track.